I love to document my travels and my backyard through photography and sketching. I use a Nikon D5600 DSLR (still a newbie) and my IPhone 15 for quick snaps to capture landscapes or street scenes. My sketches usually incorporate mixed media to create a visual record of my home and the places I visit or whatever vintage National Geographic magazine I have laying around.

Intersection in Getsami neighborhood Cartagena ColombiaSanta Cataline neighborhood Sevilla, SpainJardines de Murillo Sevilla, SpainYoung bull elephant charging Kruger Park, South AfricaSnowstorm Jemez National Recreation Area New MexicoSunset on San Fernando Avenue, BurbankSunrise Padre Island National Seashore, TexasGoliath Heron takes flight Kruger National Park, South Africa Rue de la Colombe, Île de la Cité ParisGirl with Green-Cheeked Conure.Runyon Canyon hiking trail overlooking downtown Los AngelesSan Andres Mountains at White Sands, New Mexico
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