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Victor J. Gonzalez

Product & Experience Designer

Design for an ideal world. Delivering for
the real.


Digital Health Platform: Member Portal

CX Transformation to simplify access to a member’s benefits information.

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Digital Health Platfom: Managing Care

CX Transformation to enable care teams to deliver customized digital care for individuals with complex needs.

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Life Sciences Asset Management Redesign

Modernization of a legacy asset management application to boost efficiency and technician accountability.

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Energy Analytics Dashboard Implementation

A dashboard solution that equips employees with tools for comprehension of customer data and actionable insights.

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Kaiser Permanente Geolocation Functionality

A fully accessible geolocation feature that greatly enhances the patient experience and outcomes.

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Amazon Alexa Skill for CNBC

Designing and shipping of Alexa skill that enables the CNBC brand to connect with audiences in a new way.

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